Wearing Bike Shorts in a Theatre

When either audience members or employees enter a theatre, they need to be wearing the right kind of clothing. There are a few factors that should dictate the ideal attire. These are comfort level, stylishness, and affordability.

For many theatregoers, bike shorts will be the perfect option. While in the past, these were worn primarily by cyclists, they have now become an established part of everyday street fashion. People like to wear them due to their flattering fit and freedom of movement. The best site to purchase bike shorts from is Aim’n. Their catalogue offers a plethora of options for theatregoers.

Taking The Show Budget Into Consideration

Sometimes the theatre cast and crew may be the ones who are wearing bike shorts. This is a particularly useful option for venues that need their budget to last a very long time. Theatres will regularly have expenditures that need to be dealt with. One of these is the outfits provided for the staff. The bike shorts from Aim’n are very affordable. This will enable the theatre business to order them in bulk.

Comfortable Clothing for Audience Members

When people sit down to watch a show, it is important that they choose the correct type of clothing. It will need to provide a good amount of comfort as the wearer will be on their seat for an extended period of time. Often there will not be an interval until around the 90-minute mark. Aim’n provides bike shorts in many styles and colours so that the theatre patron will be able to find ones that suit their individual tastes.

Cycling to and From the Venue

The most successful theatres are located in bustling urban areas. People in cities tend to favour cycling because it can be cheaper than public transport. It is a good idea to wear bike shorts whilst watching a show as it saves the audience member having to change. Instead, they can jump straight back on their bicycle when the show has finished. Therefore this item of clothing is useful for those with busy schedules.

Bike Shorts as a Costume Choice

If the director of the show is looking for costumes but does not want to spend too much money, then they could utilise bike shorts for the cast. They may be used as an underlayer or as the main leggings for the production’s characters. Since actors and dancers need to move around constantly, it is best to choose ones with a decent level of flexibility. They should also be made of a material that wicks sweat to prevent them from overheating.

A Clothing Choice for All Seasons

One of the most appealing things about bike shorts is that they can be worn in both warm and cold weather. This makes them a multi-seasonal item. Wearing them all year round will save money which could go towards other endeavours. This may include buying theatre tickets.